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Group Visit- Special section of Botanical garden of the Aegean actions.

    The Botanical Garden of the Aegean is open for group visits to schools, clubs, groups, students.

    Group visits are a special section, a separate piece for the actions of the Botanical Garden of the Aegean. In addition to the specially designed guided tours of the Garden Planting Sites, they aim to get acquainted with nature, to create a child’s relationship with nature through entertainment, knowledge, even – even in professional orientation at older ages.

    From the garden to the table, how to make wine, make olive oil soap, clay and art lessons, play and dozens of other experiential activities that will excite our little friends by bringing them closer to the wonderful nature of our country of Chios.

    As the visitor ages grow and as the visitor’s field of knowledge grows, the actions are adapted accordingly.

    They are implemented in the form of corporate events, promotional activities, educational programs, seminars and university activities (eg Erasmus program)

    In addition to a high sense of hospitality in the prices, the use of all recreation areas is already included so that the stay in the Garden becomes as pleasant as possible.

    All group visits include a guided tour by qualified staff, which is also included in the price.

    For our little friends, from the age of the Kindergarten to the last classes of the Primary School, special programs of acquaintance with the unique nature of Chios, hosted in the Botanical Gardens of the Aegean, have been designed.

    Numerous interactive, experiential programs designed by special pedagogues, carried out by the specialized staff of the Garden, will make the visit of Kindergarten or Primary School an unforgettable experience.

    • checkGardening
    • checkI make wine
    • checkSoap from olive oil
    • checkClay courses
    • checkTheatrical game
    • checkI did it !!
    • checkMy candle
    • checkLearn Art and leave it..
    • checkCompetitive games
    • checkTreasure hunt
    • checkMaking a kite
    • checkMy own bread
    • checkPlant my flower
    • checkApprentice Wizards

    For the children / students of the Gymnasium classes there are more specialized programs aimed again at the knowledge through the entertainment.

    The aim is for children to become acquainted with the flora of the island, the seasons, the processes. Emphasis has been given to the world’s unique plant that we have the chance to grow in our homeland of Chios, Chios Mastic Tree and in the product produced by it, Mastiha Chios.

    • checkPlants – trees the breath of the planet
    • checkRecycling
    • checkComposting
    • checkTraces of the Forest
    • checkI want green around me
    • checkThe cultivation of Mastiha
    • checkI’m pruning, I’m getting around
    • checkSave the planet
    • checkThe circle of water
    • checkOlive oil

    For high school children, who are one step ahead of higher education and the labor market …..

    The projects we have designed are mainly aimed at acquainting with the nature and primary industries.

    With a wide range of choices, we are all convinced that the primary sector is the one that will push forward our Homeland and ensure work and higher living standards for the younger generation.

    • checkFarmer?
    • checkMeet Floriculture.
    • checkArchitectural landscape
    • checkMastic and sweets
    • checkFrom the olive tree to the olive oil
    • checkA 21st century farmer
    • checkForestry
    • checkHerbs
    • checkGardening
    • checkSpecialized crops

    The Botanical Garden of the Aegean as a member of the European Network of Botanical Gardens and in collaboration with the larger Universities of Europe is ready to welcome Scientists and Students both from abroad and from Greece.

    Student exchange programs such as Erasmus and the university education programs with which we have continuous communication and continuous cooperation, are organized with highly specialized programs, which we continuously enrich and modernize for the benefit of the educational community, the scientific community and of our Country of Chios.