View the stars !!

A trip to the stars is about to do in Nenita. On Saturday, March 10, at 19.00 at the Elementary School of Nenitha, an asthma will be performed by the candidate. astrophysicist Stella Boula, who is already working at the National Observatory of Athens.

The continuation of the evening will be given at 20.30 with astrological observation at the Nenaton Botanical Garden, if weather permitting it. Telescopes will be donated by the Astronomical Association of Chios.

The Mayor of Chios visit to Votanical Garden

The Mayor of Chios, Mr. Manolis Vournos, together with Pantelis Legatos, President of the Chamber and the Chief of General Staff of the Municipality of Chios, Lakis Tsakos, visited the Garden to see the conservation status and the work done under his new management regime.

“The Botanical Garden of the Aegean, in Nenita, is one of the places I would like to go to if I were at school!” said Mayor of Chios, Mr. M.Vournous.

The Vrontados Gymnasium in the Botanical Garden of the Aegean

On the 26th-20th-18th century, the sections of the Vrontados Gymnasium were visited by the Botanical Garden. They were briefed on the reconstruction and restoration of the planting stock of the Garden. They went to the planting grounds and enjoyed traditional dishes at the Garden cafe.

Oinousses Primary School visit to the Votanical Garden

Welcome to the Children and Teachers of the Oinousses Primary School is a special honor and great joy for us. The children with their Masters traveled from the islet to come and get to know the surroundings in which they are invited to grow up and to see that it is not poor, but rather the richer of the Planet, and the clergy have come to them to keep it and deliver it intact after first knowing it well.
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